Illegal Immigration

Well, the details of the Senate’s new plan are out. This little cartoon basically cuts to the chase.

This “comprehensive” bill includes:
• In-state tuition for illegal aliens. Your kid has to pay full freight if they cross state lines, but the illegal alien who broke into the country doesn’t.

(cross state line, out of state tuition, cross country line, in state)

• All temporary guest workers have to be paid the prevailing wage. American citizens do not have to be paid prevailing wage.

(I wonder who decides what the prevailing wage will be? Will it include the option of having other newer illegals working when determining what the job is worth?)

• All agricultural guest workers under this bill cannot be fired by their employers except for what the bill calls “just cause.” However, American agricultural workers can be fired for any reason.

(Niiiiiice. Isn’t there some provision about state laws in here. Most states are “at will”, this must override that. Like I said, Niiiice.)

• Illegal aliens are made eligible for Social Security. Not only will they receive retirement benefits, but their children will receive survivor benefits should the parents pass away. This is at a time when we are trying to keep Social Security solvent for the next generation.

(So an illegal alien who has stolen someone’s social security number will get to collect. To be politically correct, they will have to allow citizen identity thieves to do the same, right?)

• Expands the visa lottery program, which is itself a questionable way to make visa distribution decisions.

(I’m seriously ok with expanding the whole visa program – I’m not ok with expanding the visa program on the condition that you must then work a shit job the rest of your time here. Sheesh. )

• Employers of illegal aliens get amnesty, too. Employers would be exempt from civil and criminal tax and criminal liability under immigration law. God forbid we hold employers accountable for helping illegal aliens break the law and being the magnet that has drawn them here for years.

(What is this, the “Wash, wait 10 years, rinse, repeat” program?)

• Taxpayer dollars to radical immigrant-rights groups so they can help illegal aliens adjust their status. Millions of your tax dollars will go to the same groups that organized those rallies where people who came here illegally waved foreign flags and thumbed their noses at our laws.

(I especially like this one. Whatever happened to 1,000 points of light? We’re back to everyone gets to pay for everything again?)

As an added note, I linked to a John McCain speech the other day in admiration. Well, Michelle Malkin has me wanting to take it back as she links to a quote from yesterday. Way to go John. Keep it sane. I’m guessing your constituents will love that attitude.

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  1. That bill is just disgusting! To think of all our hard earned dollars going to this is nauseating.

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