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Hezbollah is running out of missiles and recruits. From Captain Ed.

And this shows why Israel has reacted with overwhelming force, and why cries about Lebanon’s infrastructure make no sense. Critics have excoriated Israel for setting Lebanon back twenty years by bombings roads, bridges, and communications assets. Some have called it “collective punishment”, an odd term to use for the response when at least a portion of a government commits an act of war against its neighbor. It has been clear from the start of the IDF operation that Israel targeted these assets because they consider themselves at war, not as some police force on steroids, and that the first assets one attacks in war are command, control, and communications of the enemy.

The roads and bridges, as well as the airports, would have allowed Syria to resupply Hezbollah.

Thank you. I thought it was strategic myself.

As another note on the situation there, Rice made a surprise visit to Beruit visiting Prime Minister Saniora. She had this to say, – which I agree with:

Yet Rice said any cease fire agreement would have to be signed by Lebanon, not Hezbollah.

“If there is a cessation of hostilities, the government of Lebanon is going to have to be the party,” she said. “Let’s treat the government of Lebanon as the sovereign government that it is.”

If you don’t treat Lebanon as sovereign (while noting that they can use some help) then this situation will never get better. Ignore the bullies (or kill them) and they’ll go away as an issue as democracy becomes the norm. Captain Ed notes how this all fits in with Bush policy.

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