“I like President George W. Bush”

Me too.

The Diplomad brings us this warm appreciation today.

And a commenter, Matt, adds

To your list I would add: He has never bitched or whined about about the unfairness of the criticism directed at him. He seems to accept that bearing the brunt of criticism is his duty. The guy has amazing mental toughness.

Also today in Spiegel during Bush’s farewell tour you have a bit of honesty.

In editorials, conservative papers also defended Bush from the broadsides. The timing of the critical attacks, just two weeks before the 60th anniversary of the Berlin Airlift, is in bad taste, suggests Die Welt.

“George W. Bush and his government have made mistakes,” the paper writes. “The biggest is that they believed too easily that democracy could be exported (more…) with guaranteed success. But anyone who believes Bush falls outside Western constitutional ideas and values is overlooking two things. First, it was the US (and not Germany and France) that was attacked on Sept. 11, 2001. The US had strong existential reasons to react decisively. And secondly, it’s not as if the multilateralism that is so highly touted by Germans would have made the world any more peaceful. Many times, it was just used as an excuse for Germany to keep out while it remained silently confident that in a serious crisis the US would already be on the scene.”

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung also accuses Germans of using multilateralism as a tool not to act.

“Most critics of Bush don’t really want the US to pull back and just mind its own business,” the paper writes. “Most of the accusations are that Bush junior used his power erroneously and counterproductively. Unfortunately, the Iraq war does provide some evidence of that. America had to pay for its hubris with many dead soldiers, serious damage to its credibility and massive outflows from the treasury. But to accuse Bush in the same breath of not doing enough to fight for human rights is dishonest. The Europeans, those über-moralists when it comes to geopolitics, wouldn’t have gotten their hands dirty in Afghanistan and Iraq. Up until today, the European Union would otherwise still be criticizing the reign of terror of Saddam and the Taliban — strongly, of course.”

Loved that last bit. “strongly, or course”. Maybe even “really strongly”. LOL

Anyway – thank you Diplomad. I’m with you on liking President Bush.

6 thoughts on ““I like President George W. Bush”

  1. Me three. I joke with one friend and one brother-in-law that we are the last three on the planet who like him.

    I fear Jay Nordlinger is right: we’re going to miss him whoever wins this November.

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  4. George W Bush is and will always be the greatest and greatest life saver of all time. He had the guts to toss Sudam who would have killed tens of thousands more by now. Thank you George. Your the besr President America has ever had…

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