I do love President Bush

Here’s what he’s saying/doing while in Africa:

But Bush has dedicated this trip to showcasing what works, rather than what does not, on a continent perennially plagued by crisis. After leaving Benin, he headed here to Tanzania, where he landed later in the day, and he also is scheduled to visit Rwanda, Ghana and Liberia — countries chosen as models of promoting reforms, moving toward democracy and fighting AIDS and malaria. He defended his attention on the positive. “When you herald success,” Bush said, “it helps others realize what is possible.”

Right and yet according to Kanye West, Bush doesn’t like black people.
Uh huh.

One thought on “I do love President Bush

  1. Even Ann Curry said on television this morning that President Bush has done more for the African continent than any other US President, without getting much credit for it. History awaits.

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