I am JoAnn

How am I JoAnn? Because like Joe, I don’t think the Federal Government should be looking out to give me special priviledges. I don’t believe that the government should “spread the wealth” of others to me because I am poorer than they are and I don’t believe that the government should create special laws that apply only to me because I’m a woman.

The link above is to a WSJ editorial by Catherine A. MacKinnon who believes that an Obama win will be better for women because
a) of sex based poverty
b) impunity for sexual abuse
c) reproductive rights
d) affirmative action
e) equal pay for equal “production” [what does this mean? Does a nurse product the same as a plumber?]
f) lesbian rights
g) gender bias in the legal system denying women their rights
h) legal aid due to reason g
i) the ERA
j) Medicaid to pay for abortions for poor women

In addition, for reasons largely not of their own making, most women work in job categories that are paid less than men, yet are equally productive. Courts have not interpreted existing laws to guarantee equal pay for work of equal value. Comparable worth — paying women what their work is actually worth — would wipe out more of the pay gap, and hence women’s poverty, than any single economic step.

Women often choose careers that allow for flex time/part time/children’s time. Women often choose careers that don’t take a lot of muscle or suffering in the heat or unsteady hours.

All of those things are worth something. Let’s say X.
Why/how can the government who pays $300 for hammers determine what the value of X is in order to force people to pay appropriately?

And then what happens when it’s determined that teachers are ‘worth’ the same as cardiologists. Who will be able to afford a teacher? Nurses save more patients than doctors, but should we have fewer higher paid nurses to pay them comparably?

Hell no. We choose our career paths based on a number of factors and not a one of them is because of government interferance with the wages.
And equal pay is just one of the subjects!

I can’t believe this bunch of malarky is in the Wall Street Journal.

3 thoughts on “I am JoAnn

  1. That is a bizarre thing for WSJ- plus, there ARE people, probably especially women, that making money is NOT their highest priority! Making enough is okay and spending time with their family/friends/dog might be a higher value than fighting the fight for the almighty dollar? I totally think women should be paid the same for the same job, and why that doesn’t happen is beyond me, but am just sayin….

  2. And yet another thing is what about the better “negotiating” woman.

    2 women, same job. Both hired in 2008. One negotiated a salary $5000 more than the other.

    Should she now be punished? Or should the other one be rewarded?

  3. Everyone knew that spreading the wealth was wrong, including the left-wing illuminati, but that’s exactly what they’re going to do now, because they’re in control of the government.

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