Hostage Taking

As we all know you can’t negotiate with hostage takers or they just do it again.

So this struck a chord this morning.

1. Karzai and Bush say they don’t negotiate with kidnappers
2. The Taleban the next day say they’ll release hostages to match the number of released women from Afghan prisons

Yet the Taleban don’t know if there really are women there.
But it will be Karzai and Bush’s fault if the Korean hostages are killed.

From a kidnapper:

“We’re ready for such a deal. We don’t know how many women are in Bagram and Kandahar,” he said by phone from an unknown location.

And again:

Ahmadi, the Taleban spokesman, reiterated a murder threat against the Christian aid workers.

“If Karzai and Bush don’t change their position, they’ll be responsible,” he said.

Dear Mr. Ahmadi,
This is how life actually works. Murderers are actually responsible rather than the people who are acting sanely.

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