Horses and Whips

A couple of quotes that cracked me up from humans who like to think that the way things have always been done makes sense.

There is talk of banning whips or crops from racing.
From the owner of Eight Belles:

“I don’t think we need to make (the whips) out of foam rubber, but you could get to a happy medium where you know it’s not going to hurt them and the horse would still know what you want them to do.”

Because horses who are trained to run as fast as possible in a race would otherwise not really know what you want them to do without a whip?

From the President of the National Thoroughbred Racing Assoc:

Forcing a jockey to give up a whip would be like forcing a NASCAR driver to give up his steering wheel,” Waldrop said.

Because apparently these horses are mental and can’t be otherwise trained??

ps – You can go to Horse Death Watch to see some appalling numbers in just the UK. If it were the owners who were dying at this speed there would be hell to pay.