Homegrown Trouble

A lot of times the local stories don’t make it to the big papers. Or certainly not the front pages of the major papers. Many get upset by that but it just cracks me up.

What would be worse for a terrorist (other than blowing himself up while working on a bomb!) than being ignored?
Did you remember those Egyptian students found in Florida with “firecrackers” on their way to the beach?
Yeah – vaguely. Me too.
From yesterday on some page in CNN.com

Two Egyptian students at the University of South Florida were indicted Friday for carrying explosive materials across states lines and one of them was charged with teaching the other how to use them for violent reasons.

I played a practical joke on a neighbor this spring. I couldn’t stand it anymore because he never said anything about it. Never asked me who might have done it….the whole bit. I finally had to confess.

Go ahead MSM – Ignore them f***ers! Drive em nuts.
(ht bloodthirstlyliberal)