Hirsi Ali

Here is an interesting article on Hirsi Ali.

When I went to school I was taught that when you are writing you set up your story at the beginning, then you give your arguments and make your conclusion.

So here’s the setup. Ms Ali polarizes people and is damaging the debates on Islam.

Who can be surprised that this woman polarizes people? That some consider her a kind of Joan of Arc, while others see her as an incorrigible radical? As someone who says that she wants to help oppressed Muslim women, and yet may do more damage to them than good?

The article talks about her and her need for bodyguards. It talks about her moves around the world, the clothes she wears etc. Yet nowhere does it say how she is doing damage to Muslim women. Instead it just makes her sound like a woman with strong opinions. ……Yeah? and?

Anyway – the article was interesting but don’t hope for information on the set up.