Hillary’s Bosnia Lie

This column by Frank Rich is a pretty straight forward look at Hillary going a bit too far with her Bosnian fairy tale.

Up until his conclusion.

Mr. Rich is concluding that Hillary along with the right think that racism is going to make Obama unelectable. He is suggesting that these folks believe racism has remained static since 1968. This, of course, isn’t true and Mr. Rich points that out.

The noisy race wars have failed to stop Mr. Obama just as immigration hysteria didn’t defeat Senator McCain, the one candidate in his party who refused to pander to the Lou Dobbs brigades.

The myth that’s been busted is one that Mr. Obama talked about in his speech — the perennial given that American racial relations are doomed to stew eternally in the Jim Crow poisons that forged generations like Mr. Wright’s. Yet if you sampled much political commentary of the past two weeks, you’d think it’s still 1968, or at least 1988. The default assumptions are that the number of racists in America remains fixed, no matter what the generational turnover, and that the Wright videos will terrorize white folks just as the Willie Horton ads did when the G.O.P. took out Michael Dukakis.

But politically and culturally we’re not in the 1980s — or pre-YouTube 2004 — anymore. An unending war abroad is upstaging the old domestic racial ghosts. A new bottom-up media culture is challenging any candidate’s control of a message.

What he fails to mention is the racism that is inherent in Mr. Wright and by Obama’s neglect to even notice it, Mr. Obama.
The white world is accused of racism by default. We (I’m white) are used to thinking something, then re-thinking it to confirm that it’s not a “racist” reason that has guided our thoughts, but instead a real reason. ie the darker skinned teenage down the street is a punk-because he is, while my immediate white skinned neighbor is not, because he isn’t. {ps – this is just an example. I’m an unfriendly sort and don’t even know the teenagers around here!}

Mr. Obama continued to go listen to Mr. Wright and signed him up on the campaign because it never crossed his mind that Mr. Wright is a racist.

Think back to other generations of white folk who never believed they were racist because they thought some standard white person’s thought of the times. Yet they were. And yes, Mr. Wright is. And it’s a big problem that Mr. Obama sat there without saying anything.
Even as a favorite Uncle. If one of my Uncle’s spewed the venom towards blacks that Mr. Wright has spewed towards whites, I would most definitely let him know what I thought of it. Every time. Until he was so tired of the same old argument with me that he would shut up on the subject around me. {ps – none of my Uncles ever have and never would}

That’s how you handle it.

Frank Rich is loony if he thinks Obama’s only problem is with white racists. He has a problem with all colors of non racists too!
There are plenty of us and we vote!

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  1. I would think that believing someone is unelectable because of racism, automatically puts the believer into ranks of a racist.

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