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  1. Anyone linking to it will probably mysteriously disappear, go to jail or commit suicide…….just a thought…….

  2. I blog as “Semper-Fido” and I just wanted to make a note that the “Saint Hillary” article is not an excerpt, but is printed in its entirety. It is an excerpt from Mr. Kelly’s book, “Thing is Worth Fighting For”. As far as I know: semper-fido.blogspot.com is the only place to find the article. It has been obliterated from all of the rest of cyberspace, go figure… can anyone say “Clinton” and “behind the scenes power”. Thank you for making note of how to find the article.


  3. Thanks Mr. Semper-Fido. I actually have owned the book for a few years. I forgot how much I liked it until I read the Anchoress’s blog and have since re-pulled it out.
    It’s well worth putting in any book collection.

    ps – I like your blog.

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