Hillary is Desperate

The other day after the debate I thought that Hillary was working on bowing out gracefully.

Instead she has jumped the shark with the Drudge headline that apparently hasn’t gotten enough play in the papers to satisfy her. Yes, Obama dressed up in local garb while in Somalia. BFD.
(have they forgotten Nancy Pelosi donning a hijab?)

And here’s the rub. People are still writing/talking as if, it’s the GOP machine that Obama has to beware of as far as racist fighting is concerned.

That is too hilarious after this mornings Clinton setup.

Also for fun you can read Geraldine Ferraro desperately (yet in a German newspaper) trying to convince the superdelegates to vote their conscious for the betterment of the party. And she assumes that these consciouses (?) would have to choose Hillary.

She actually say that those superdelegates who have switched from Clinton to Obama because of their thoughts on just following the voters in their districts really ought to agitate for Florida and Michigan delegates to be seated. Even though Obama wasn’t even on the dang ballot in Florida!!!

This isn’t over yet. Sadly.
(for fun, look at Stevie the K’s blog on Hillary’s 35 years of change.)

6 thoughts on “Hillary is Desperate

  1. Haven’t gotten the Tryforgettin prescription yet, myself………I am also wishing this was OVER!!

  2. you know, because of the Oscars, AMC was showing the Godfather 1 &2 (there is no other for us purists) and I saw the scene where Johhny Fontaine begs the Don to intervene on his behalf. All I could think of is that after Hillary’s near bowing out of the race in the latest debate final moment, she went home and the dialogue went something like this:

    (Hill to Bill) Don Clinton, I don’t know what happened, this guy comes out of nowehere, this is my time to be President, we waited all these years, what am I to do?

    (Bill to Hill shaking her violently) Act like a Clinton! Get back out there, smear him, attack him, Make those Superdelegeates an offer they can’t refuse!

    Note to Barack: if you own any horses or rabbits, you might send them to Canada for a couple of months

  3. Coastwatcher <> many things from his observation perch….
    You know if I had the right talent and/or time, I would create a Youtube Lenney Kravitz video about the “cult of personality” and a certain Democratic Presidential candidiate

    “That leader speaks and that leader lies”

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