There’s an element out there that just doesn’t “get” Matt Drudge’s site. They don’t “trust” him. Yet mostly Matt just links to other MSM sites that he finds interesting. (though yes, he does get scoops sometimes)
Yesterday the NYTimes wrote of him and accused him of sometimes resorting to innuendo.

Now Don Surber notes that of the headlines on Drudge, only one linked to a story of innuendo. Which one? Yes, the one from the NYtimes on Drudge!

As Don says, Drudge 1, NYT 0

Read the link. And read the comments. Drudge is my home page too. As Ron Hardin says (who also has a blog) in Don’s comments:

You start at Drudge because he doesn’t leave out much important; then you’re prepared to read the regular papers.