By now you know I’m a huge fan of those folks who choose to step up and serve. Today’s Washington Post has a story on Park Rangers in Congo who deserve the recognition.
People are still murdering gorillas there. Why?

“When a man dies, you have some questions, like: What mistakes did he make? Or what might have been wrong with him?” said Ngobobo, the chief warden, who decided that Rubiga’s (a recently murdered female gorilla killed execution style by gunshot at the back of the head while holding her 2 month old.) grave should be just a few feet from his office in the park. “But when an animal is killed like that, you really see the absurdity of man. . . . It’s completely absurd.”

(emphasis mine)

Yes. It’s completely absurd. And our shame. I like to believe that for each hero out there, there not a full evil counterpart. Good is bound to win in the end.

“It’s like being an apostle,” Ngobobo said. “You have to believe in the job first. You have to have an altruistic mind. . . . It is this chaotic situation that tells me I don’t have the right to become discouraged or tired. Why am I going to get tired when there is so much to be done?”

With folks like him around, how can it lose?