Hero of the Year: Lavabit

For protecting your privacy at the expense of itself.

The Federal Government in searching for information on Snowden insisted that Lavabit open up it’s servers to them.

Within a month, Lavabit still had not complied to the court’s satisfaction—in fact he handed over pages of the key typed in 4-point font—and Levison was ordered to pay a $5,000 fine for each day he did not comply. On August 8, he shuttered Lavabit entirely, destroying the company’s servers.

That took guts.
I swear every day I read the news we are more and more like the land inhabited by John and Dagny and Hank. (Atlas Shrugs)

The ridiculous government crap out that that happens
(Here we have the forest service closing >1000 privately funded parks, I kNOW you’ve heard about the memorials in DC etc, etc)

The people who tune it all out because….sheesh, why not and even those who decry “profit” as evil.

regarding a Longmont owned fiber optic network, which I admit would be cool, but listen to the reasoning. Actually, this isn’t reasoning, this is “point fingers at evil profit” because really, who DOES like Comcast?

Short story: As an internet subscriber you get faster internet access cheaper.

Long story: Longmont gets more jobs, better education, and more money stays here in town.

Why is Comcast fighting so hard? Every month Comcast keeps a customer, it puts profits in its pocket. Comcast subscriber fees end up at Comcast headquarters in Philadelphia, then in the pockets of Comcast shareholders. As of June 30 (according to NASDAQ), 2013 revenue numbers were $31.6 billion; profits, $5.1 billion.

Anyway – I got sidetracked. Thank you Lavabit for standing up for something important.

UPDATE: Speaking of idiocy out of government….Obama is now apparently against unions. Why? Because this time, their tactics are working against him. doh

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