Health Care in MA

Another 2 bloggers I usually agree with are for the new Health Plan in MA.
Roger Simon is one and he has a link to Hugh Hewitt, the other.

So I am glad universal health care is coming into existence in Massachusetts. It will be valuable testing ground for integrating insurance programs with our complex economic system.

It’s sounding more and more like Republicans just didn’t want anything “called” Universal Health Care. They are in favor of it, but just don’t want the Democrats to win the issue. ick.
(ps – I don’t actually think Roger is a Republican. He is pro-war and seems to lean right though. Like me. And he too is ok with a form of Universal health care.)

Like Roger says, it’s good to try something like this out in a single state vs the Hillary plan that would have run the test case on the entire country. My beef is philosphically. Forcing people to buy health plans or fining them. Vs forcing people to pay taxes to pay for Universal health care. I’m really amazed that more people don’t have the same problem. You hear an uproar everytime another state wants to force people to wear seatbelts for crying out loud.

See Yesterday’s post on the subject and the fifth’s post for more.

3 thoughts on “Health Care in MA

  1. I’m not sure why. You must not remember that I lived on basically minimum wage with no health insurance in a 15 foot trailer in the woods for years. Or those other years on the beach. Either way – I paid my bills. At least one that was relatively major. I understand – medical care can get into some big numbers but that isn’t what this MA insurance thing is about at all. You make your choices and then you live the results. Universal catastrophic health care makes sense. Forcing poor people to deal with the bureaucratic nightmare of social services in order to sign up for required health insurance because some people don’t pay their bills is bullsh**.

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