Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Nothing worse than being a demographic. Just ask Bob.

Yes, I am a single woman who assumed when I was younger that I would have followed the “standard” path of marriage and children. It didn’t work out that way and things are still good.

In this column the title

    Should Single Women Buy Homes?

pretty much gives it away.

1) lump single women into the respective demographics
2) determine what is best for them.
probably based on everyone rationalizing their own decisions.

Yes I bought a house. Yes I was single. Yes it tied me down. BUT – the reason I bought the house, which can probably be lumped in with

a sense of security, safety and comfort

is because I wanted a dog without having to ask anyone’s permission.
Comfort and security, to me, means the freedom to do what the heck I want. Marriage isn’t a trap, and I sure haven’t decided against it, but renting certainly is living by someone else’s rules!

Besides, look how cute he is.Axel

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