Happy Thanksgiving

Today I am thankful for so many things….
Family, friends, pets, health, location, our service members, the rest of you who serve us (the general public), this nice little outlet and you readers. Thank you!
And thanks be to God for all the above and more. I am grateful.

Today in the NYTimes is a cute little turkey story that I can relate to. Essentially the story is about turkey rescues and how the turkey act as pets. I board my horses out east of here amidst a bunch of turkey farms. One day, a turkey escaped and made it to our place where he found a new home.

The owner’s 17 year old vegetarian daughter wouldn’t let anyone think of eating Mr. Turkey so he became a pet. And he grew! And the horses all liked him. If you brought a horse to the hitching post the turkey was right there. He would walk between their legs and peck at their shoes. Every single horse there put up with it.

And the dogs….that turkey liked to play with the dogs. You could tell the difference by the color of his head if he was “play chasing” or really chasing them down.

He cracked us up. As the article says, he and his very big white meat breast didn’t last long. Maybe 5 months and one day he was just dead.

Anyway – happy Thanksgiving to all.

UPDATE: If you are still looking for places to put those holiday dollars donated for the good, you might look into “Save the Children”. I haven’t yet, but will soon. Dominic from there has been very much on the ball in stomping on myths associated with their “quotes” and I have to admire him.
If that translates to a great organization, then I want to help. They are certainly there in Bangladesh.

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