A Hamas official was nabbed smuggling $800,000 across the border from Egypt.

The Hamas-led Palestinian Authority faces a severe financial crisis because of an international aid embargo.

Fatah dominates the security forces so Hamas gunmen ran in too. Here is my favorite quote that I keep hearing everytime I read a story on Palestinians:

Hamas says it is unable to transfer cash to Palestinian territory to fund government activities and pay salaries, as banks fear US sanctions for dealing with the militant group.

The entire world loves the Palestinians vs Israel. How hard can it be to find one bank? I know we have all the power, but one lousy bank, somewhere? Even in Iran. Or Sudan or any number of places that would want to stick it to the US of A.

I suspect they aren’t really looking that hard because in reality there isn’t anyone out there that wants to donate all this cash. Instead of accepting the fact that all their “supporters” are supporters in name only, they are going to blame the US.