The Diplomad gets it.
He’s writing about the right to bear arms and how politicians all wrap themselves in hunting to prove they too will support your rights.
It’s not about hunting.

The Second Amendment is right in there with the other nine in the Bill of Rights restricting the powers of the state, making the argument that certain rights belong to the people merely because they are human beings. Among those rights is the right to self-defense. A free country need not fear an armed populace. An armed populace provides a serious restraint on the state by denying it the exclusive possession of the implements of violence. It is not about hunting.

2 thoughts on “Guns

  1. People laugh at bumper sticker politics, but many moons ago I was intrigued by “The Second Amendment Ain’t About Duck Hunting!” I didn’t get it at the time — when I did I remembered the sticker.

    One of those fifteen year, subliminal messages…

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