Gun Control

The best thing I (a person not intimately connected with the gun culture, but who believes strongly in our Constitution) have ever read on the subject of gun control. It’s long so go get a cup of coffee or tea or a beer and relax, but get to the end. No excerpts here because it’s worth the read and easily forwardable to your friends who disagree.

ht to Rachel Lucas who’s column on the subject is also worth a read.

One thought on “Gun Control

  1. That piece at the link was simply incredible. While he clearly is an advocate, he presents facts that you would hope lucid humans would read and contemplate. I honestly wonder if the comments by Gov Cuomo about (essentially) being prepared to ban and of necessary seize guns and the measure being contemplated by Sen Feinstein won’t awaken the sleeping giant of people like me that aren’t NRA types but are prepared to get SERIOUSLY politically active.

    Will 2013 portend an unleashing of taxes, regulations, and liberal fantasies approaching orgasmic proportions which will cause a pendulum swing back?

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