Gun Ban in Boulder

Well, it was bound to happen.  “Assault” weapons will be banned in Boulder. 

I went to a forum last night where the city of Boulder allowed the public to be heard on the subject of banning “assault style” weapons from the city.  The majority of people spoke against the ban.  The minority of people spoke for the ban.  Over 100 people showed up.

Those for the ban shared stories of deaths and feelings of hopelessness and fear.

Those against the ban shared facts and statistics and rights.

It really is true that people do not care for facts.  They don’t care about what right you have to feel safe.  They only care about what is happening in their magic factory of thoughts in their brains.

People “shouldn’t” have assault weapons so we need to ban them.  End of story.  As far as the city of Boulder is concerned.

One day someone will invent an actual light saber.  To keep yourself safe, you will also want to own one.  Their response will be that, no, you don’t need one.  No one needs one.  I guess.  Somehow that makes sense to them.

All I know is that Gary Cooper 4 County Commissioner just went up by 10 points!

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