Guest Post on Palin (or rather on the media on Palin)

From our regular commenter, Coastwatcher:

Stunning……. Any person with a shred of open thinking must seriously
consider that the media, especially MSNBC, is completely in the tank for
Barack Obama. Not even close. Don’t believe me, read this article in the Washington Post about the two main rustbelt Democratic Governors Ohio’s Ted Strickland and Michigan’s Ed Rendell. Two quotes from the article:

“Quite frankly, some of the people that I had most previously admired as
commentators I have a remarkably different opinion toward right now,”
Strickland said.


“He is running for the most important office in the world,” Rendell said.
“He basically got a free pass.” Rendell also described MSNBC derisively as “the official network of the Obama campaign.”

Now, Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin is nominated as the Vice President
candidate for the Republicans and many in the media go after her for her
family, her family decisions, dispatching reporters to track down any human
being with a negative thing to say, all the while saying “media bias, what
media bias?” Is it sexism, is it abortion on demand rights trumping
everything else, or is it just unabashedly pro-Obama, above all else?

I don’t know how to describe it, (pornography/pro-Obamamania) but I can
identify it when I see it.
Consider this link and posting about Bobby Kennedy, icon and hero of the Left. Forty years ago, Robert Kennedy ran for President with ten children and a pregnant wife, at the age of 43. Admittedly, he had a wide experience in life but would anyone have said he was an unfit father? That he should not undertake the Presidential campaign because of family obligations? Oh, some will say, Sarah Palin has a child with special needs. True. But nonetheless, is it sexist or fair game to suggest a woman can’t be treated equally as a man. Perhaps the glass ceiling isn’t cracked for all, only for Democrats.

Now comes this from Katty Kay and Campbell Brown, two of the very reliable commentators from the media, I mean reliably liberal, questioning Palin’s choices in fact, buttressing their soon to be released book that they claim shows “proof” that women don’t want it all, after all? They want to spend less time at work and more time with their kids. And here’s how they end the article here:

So what you are hearing is less condemnation than a collective gasp of amazement — and exhaustion — at the thought of juggling five children, one of them an infant, and the most extreme example of a job with little or no flexibility. It would make supermom feel feeble. And we should celebrate the fact that all of this can now be discussed openly.
It is not sexist to have this conversation. It is sexist not to.

Hmmm, is that correct? By NOT asking if it’s proper, no, required for a woman to remain barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen watching Oprah, than we are all sexist. So in fact, women are not the equal of men, should not receive the same consideration for any job because their estrogen, their
ovaries, their maternal instincts and all of these facts must be considered when interviewing them for a job. Based on this criterion, why aren’t Madame Kay and Brown at home RIGHT now tending to their family obligations?

If you at least consider my proposition, that the media is in the complete
full throat cheering for Obama, ask this question: If America is attacked
under an Obama Administration; will the main stream media bear some or
majority of the responsibility? Many claim that the Bush Administration got
a pass or even was enabled by the media in the buildup to war in Iraq. Is
the same happening here? Is the drive to elect Senator Obama on this
historic presidential run driving all else? Our country is at war in two
places and facing a worldwide threat (radical Islamic terrorists) and if
Senator Obama becomes President and he is tested as all of our Presidents
are, will he pas the test?

I don’t know the answer but I do smell something here. I smell the media or
more accurately, I smell their response to this fearsome woman from the
Tundra. It appears they may have a tingly feeling on their leg, but I
suggest it’s time to change your pants and underwear Mr. Matthews. That
latest warm and tingly feeling you have on your legs results from a primordial condition called fear. That fear stems from your inability to control our electoral process and force
your candidate into the Presidency.

Coastwatcher Out.

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  1. I’m kind of curious why the Vice Presidency wouldn’t have pretty darn flexible hours.

    Sure, there’s those funerals to go to and they can be unpredictable but as VP, can’t you do all your evil planning/scheming (ala Cheney) when the kids are tucked away?

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