Guarding Borders

That you don’t really think exist. Wouldn’t that be kind of hard to do?
Some of the volunteers for the UN force in Lebanon don’t recognize Israel at all. (Indonesia and Malaysia)

“But to expect countries who don’t even recognise Israel to guard Israel’s safety I think would be a bit naive,” he said. (Israeli UN envoy)

His comments were dismissed by Malaysia, which, along with Indonesia, has a Muslim majority population.

“We’re going to be on Lebanese territory … We’re not going to be on Israeli territory,” Foreign Minister Syed Hamid Albar said.

Hmmm – why don’t they just admit that they believe Israel exists? If they have a “territory”, doesn’t that mean…….? Nevermind.

One thought on “Guarding Borders

  1. As Eddie Izzard, always says, “No flag = no country” so that would make Israel a country and Hizbollah chopped liver. heh.

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