Great News!!

Suburu has invented a bra!

Ok, it wasn’t really Suburu, but the bra has that ‘Suburu intelligence’ built right in there.

‘Intelligent bra’ battles bounce
A bra with sensors built into the fabric could help scientists make exercise a more comfortable experience for women.
Australian researchers believe their creation will help bra makers make their future designs a better fit.

Does this mean the end of squished boobs for running?!? Hurrrah!

2 thoughts on “Great News!!

  1. There has already been a futuristic bra developed by a Dr. somebody in Europe. His bra eleminated women’s breast from bounce or sway when walking and further eleminated nipple protrusion when the wearer was cold. The good Dr. was immediately taken out back and beaten senseless by his male co-workers.

  2. Which explains why all these Australian researchers just happen to be women! Besides the fact that they “get” the subtleties of jiggle vs bounce and which needs sensering.

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