Good/Evil/Funny/and just Wrong

I read this story today in Michelle Malkin’s blog and was so disgusted I went looking for a “people are good” story. (a Dutch diplomatic family gave their 7 year old adopted Korean child over to an orphanage in Hong Kong because she didn’t fit in with their lifestyle. They had adopted her as an infant!)

Did you know there is a Feel Good website? Sadly the inspirational stories didn’t do the trick. Right now I’m in the “people are evil” mode of thought. ugh.

However, people are funny! uncorrelated today links to a story in USAToday about extra time spent in school being good for learning. The story and the numbers showing that even 10 minutes per day would help our students. It shows these numbers:

…Most U.S. eighth-graders got 45 minutes of daily math instruction in 2003, down from 49 in 1995, but their scores on the Trends in Mathematics and Science Survey improved slightly.

Dave of Uncorrelated notes after reading that the above is an anomaly:

Tom needs to be sure his definition of an anomaly isn’t a fact that runs counter to a pre-ordained conclusion (see also Global Warming …)

And then there is the “people are just wrong” by the AP who gets the old Kyoto Protocol Bush story wrong-again. Instapundit has the link. I tried to make it right for them. Here’s the quote:

THE A.P. GETS IT WRONG ON KYOTO AGAIN: “The U.S. is the only major industrial nation to reject Kyoto. President Bush contended the emissions cuts would harm the U.S. economy, and should have been imposed on China, India and other fast-growing poorer economies.”

True: The US is the only major industrial nation to have not signed on to Kyoto. and True, President Bush contends that mandatory emissions cuts could harm the US economy.

Not true….no President has ever brought Kyoto to the senate in order to “reject” it because it was pre-rejected by the Democratic Senate in 1995 before it was even finalized.
Not true: That President Bush contends that voluntary greenhouse emissions cuts will harm the US economy. (greenhouse gas emissions have been cut here, 1.3%, already during his watch)