I love this column.  It says so many things that I think only with clarity!  He writes of what we are hearing these days where people (and here the author uses Harvard Psychologist Steven Pinker, an athiest)  are asking where was God at Parkwood.  God is always there.  (ht Maggie’s Farm)

Most important of all, Pinker’s God has no mystery. He’s a do-gooder or a do-nothing. (Secularists don’t assert an evil God—that would be even more superstitious than a good God.) But Christians know that God is, in full, unknowable, and a day of intense suffering is at the center of their worship. They have God’s written word, the example of the saints, and the impulse to revere him in their hearts. But his works are inscrutable. At times His wisdom makes no sense, and we assume that our confusion is our own fault, not His.

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