Global Warming Conundrum

In Germany they are working hard to try to save a glacier from melting in the Alps.

Admirable eh? It’s expensive but we must save the planet from changing. No matter what the cost.
Come to find out they are attempting to save a small portion of the glacier that is used for skiers and that tourists like to come look at.

So a) wouldn’t friction on a ski slope cause more melting of snow? and b) isn’t the basic premise for not doing more to reduce emissions etc because it would cost industry too much? And now they are spending money to save an industry that actually contributes to global warming through all the unnecessary travel used to get to these places where you can then flip snow up into the air which then… just goes on……..

ps just to be clear……..reducing everyone’s reliance on the middle east and Venezuela is a good thing. This just cracked me up this morning.