Global Warming

From Steyn
My caveat – we should keep studying. No one wants to live in a cesspool so we should avoid things such as excess emissions that make it hard to breath but basically the earth will rule in the end and Steyn has very good points. ie.

That being so, the next best thing is the Asia-Pacific Partnership, or the “coalition of the emitting”: Australia, the US, India, China, Japan, and South Korea. These nations are responsible for about half of greenhouse gas emissions and, by 2050, will account for roughly 75 per cent of global gross domestic product. In other words, these are the players that matter. And, unlike the Kyotophiles, their strategy isn’t a form of cultural self-flagellation. America and Australia will be making Western technology available to developing nations to accelerate their development, so they don’t have to spend a century and a half with belching smokestacks glowering over grimy cities the way the first industrialised nations did.

And from Tim Blair. Read the quotes at the end of the Tim Blair piece. They’re priceless.