Global Warming

I’ll take it seriously when those that preach do.

Thomas Friedman wrote an end of the world item yesterday. Today we find out how he lives(d). (not clear if he still lives in the same place) From an old neighbor:

He lives on about seven acres — it was once the home site of a prominent Washington attorney…The house sits on a hill with a great view and a western exposure. Friedman bought the house from the late lawyer’s family about five years ago, tore down the huge older house and constructed an [over 11,000] square foot residence, with 7.5 bathrooms, on the hilltop. It is beautifully landscaped, as you can tell from the aerial/satellite photographs, and the foliage likely requires a lot of water.

One thought on “Global Warming

  1. Nice. Heard Al Gore is trying to “go green” in one of his mansions….if he stops using the private jet I will be more convinced!!

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