Global Warming

Here’s an interesting conundrum for you.

Let’s all agree that the climate is changing.
Let’s all agree that it appears to be warming.
Let’s all agree that sometimes even within a warming period, you get cooler years.

Beyond that there can be disagreements about whether it’s sun spots or vehicles that are causing the problem. There can also be disagreements about whether I should give up my suburu or you should give up your private jet. Or on a bigger scale whether Camaroon should give up ever joining the first world or should the US give up plastics.

So let’s say now that this is where we’re at. Now what to do, what to do? Do we all agree that something even needs to be done? So if not, who gives these folks the right of the earth to start dumping CO2 underground? What exactly are the repercussions of injecting the earth with stuff?? This sounds like a fun disaster film in the making.

4 thoughts on “Global Warming

  1. >What exactly are the repercussions of injecting the earth with stuff?

    The earth is where we are getting the carbon (oil, coal, etc.). The earth is eventually where the carbon will end up (as oil, coal, etc.). Putting the carbon where we got it is the best possible solution; as opposed to letting it build in concentration in the atmosphere and ocean, where we know it will cause problems.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Are they injecting into the places where it was removed? Will the gaseous carbon have the same effect on the soil as the liquid oil or solid coal? It doesn’t appear to me that “they” know for sure.
    I want to know more!

  3. Carbon Sequestration: Injection of toxic gases into poor communities or the salvation of the fossil fuel industry, or both? is a recent article about carbon sequestration. As far as I know, some plans call for the CO2 to be compressed into a liquid and then injected into depleated oil and gas reservoirs, others do not. CO2 does have some harmful effects. The most troublesome is that the CO2 could possibly leak from its reservoir and escape to the surface. Since CO2 is heavier than air, it would pool at the surface and cause suffocation to the people and animals nearby. Because CO2 is highly corrosive, this is a big problem. Even with the problems of carbon sequestration, I think that it’s a much better option than leaving it in the atmosphere and ocean, and should be researched to see if it really is a viable option.

  4. Thanks! I agree it should be researched. I guess what I was getting at didn’t come across right.
    At what point does the planet start messing with the planet because X percent of the people are concerned that global warming is unnatural and must be stopped?

    (you are correct – a little research is good. I had visions in my head of here we are in the US or A expelling the largest amounts of greenhouse gasses and rather than reduce those amounts we unilaterally decide to pump it all into the earth, in Algeria no less, in order to fix what we’ve decided, unilaterally, is screwed up. And to hell with the repercussions. Like say maybe increasing the movement of the earth in the form of earthquakes or something because we’re pumping things into it.

    So in the end you get the 3rd world suffering further because a) no one wants them to become first world which naturally turns them into polluters and b) we’re pumping our waste into them and so they are getting whatever new problems we’re giving them and c) we go on about our merry way)

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