The gift that keeps on giving.

1. We round up prisoners of war and get them out of the battle: Check
2. We fatten them up and treat their Koran with respect: Check
3. We get accused of abusing them: Check
4. People want the place closed down: Check
5. People want assurances that when the POW’s are sent back home they are not abused: Check
6. When abuse happens back home and the POW’s ask to come back to Gitmo it’s our fault: Check

The US is continuing to repatriate prisoners, sending home 16 Saudis on Thursday. But in their haste to reduce the numbers at Guantanamo it seems they are being less than thorough in ensuring that the former prisoners are not mistreated.

Awwww. So now we should I suppose
a) work slower at reducing prisoners at Guantanamo and
b) force (militarily? or with resolutions? or maybe Zell’s spitballs?) countries to abide by their promises NOT to abuse ex prisoners of war from Guantanamo.

What a world.

One thought on “Gitmo

  1. I can’t believe how certain people can find fault with whatever the US does…..the better we treat them the more we are responsible for what others do to them now……really.

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