7 thoughts on “Germany wants to be a player

  1. In terms of funny, you could start with Speigel’s identification of a photo of Sec Def Robert Gates as Secretary of State Rice. Never thought I would see the day that they were mistaken for each other.

  2. It is just impossible to take any part of that seriously (btw they sound like whining children) when they identify a white man as a person we know to be a black female……..v. funny.

  3. Look Germany did have an impact with Schroeder’s position on the Iraq war and his willingness to band together with Russia and France to in effect bloc the American/Brit effort to get a U.N. approval. For many Americans this represented the best German foreign policy decision in a 100 years. The present German goverment’s policy of sucking up to the U.S. admin. does not serve German interests and certainly does not serve the real interests of America.

    What is evident from this article is the complete fraud of trying to develop a meaningful E.U. foreign policy. Britain, France, and now Poland have no interest. Suggest that Germany would be smart to develop a closer relationship with Russia if it ever wants to have a meaningful world impact. I assure you people will then listen.

    signed, RAC

  4. Let us be clear. True power, effective power, lasting power, is not held by those who are loud, arrogant and obvious – like the U.S. It is with those who are modest, reasonable, firm and consultative. The image of rationality, reserve, purpose and cooperation that Germany creates in the minds of the people in the Second and Third world nations is very different from the scorn almost everyone feels about ‘the U.S. and the American Way’ .


  5. Of course we humans have a new world to build together. However – Germany doesn’t get “respect” by whining about not getting respect.

    You act.
    There’s nothing wrong with Germans. There’s a lot wrong with Germans if this article is an indication of how they “feel”.

    Everyone sits around and waits for acknowledgment from the US or dollars from the US, or agreement from the US.

    If you want to be a player dude, be a player.

    What’s stopping you?
    Oh yeah and Germany and Russia playing together….yes people would listen.

    Good luck with that lifestyle.

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