Well – honestly, I don’t know much about current news in Georgia. But it looks to me like the breakaway rebels in Georgia felt pretty confident that they could actually break away this time vs the last time.

Why? Perhaps because they had Russian troops lined up at the border waiting and setting the proper timing.

Why? Perhaps because the world is distracted in China and Bush is a lame duck.

What they don’t realize is that Bush is no lame duck. They also don’t realize that by not being a part of NATO yet Bush (the US) no longer needs their ok. Georgia is a good solid ally (number 3 currently in Iraq), something will be done.

Ralph Peters has his thoughts.

Saudi Arabia’s headline reminds readers that they respect strength over there. “Georgia fails to capitalize on offensive”.

Der Spiegel seems to be on Russia’s side by not noting the obvious Russian buildup before yesterday.

US Presidential candidates respond:
1-McCain tells Russia to stop the action. He also calls for an emergency session with the UN and diplomatic pressure.

2-Obama calls for restraint and respect for territorial integrity.

John McCain is calling on Russia to cease military action in Georgia and withdraw its forces.

Campaigning in Iowa, the Republican presidential hopeful called for the U.S. to convene an emergency session of the U.N. Security Council to resolve the crisis.

“I wholeheartedly condemn the violation of Georgia’s sovereignty. I think it is important at this point for all sides to show restraint and to stop this arms conflict. Georgia’s territorial integrity needs to be preserved and now is the time for direct talks,” he said during a refueling stop in Sacramento, Calif.