Geneva Conventions

What are they good for….absolutely nothin! Regarding the capture of British Naval personnel:
1. When we’re the ‘capturers’ we’re supposed to follow those conventions on our end even though the enemy doesn’t have to follow their parts.


2. When we’re the ‘caputurees’ (Let’s call we the western world.) the enemy apparently isn’t required to follow those conventions even though we are doing our part.

Courtesy of The Belmont Club

As currently interpreted the Geneva Conventions only apply to individuals bent on destroying America.

Where is the UN in all of this? Let me check their website, Oh yeah, still missing! Don’t worry guys – I’m sure they’re just around the corner.

Sir Emyr Jones-Parry, Britain’s UN Ambassador, tried unsuccessfully to raise the subject of the servicemen’s fate with the Iranian Foreign Minister.

They’re probably working furiously “behind the scenes”. Hardy, har, har.

4 thoughts on “Geneva Conventions

  1. That is so disgusting!! Love to hear my lefty friends that think we are so “mean” with the Cuba detainees…….ugh. Listening to Madonna with underwear on your head pretty tame compared to what those poor Brits are being subjected to by the Iranian Professional Kidnapper In Chief. Good thing I am not W. I think I would be having a “knee jerk reaction” to the repeat offenses of the Kidnapper.

  2. Being from the same part of the UK as the captured sailors and marines, I feel for the families, but there is no point in building tensions with Iran by acting rashly. Diplomacy is the best bet. Iran may ignore the Geneva conventions, but we should maintain the moral highground by being responsible in the face of unlawful actions.

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