Geneva and this war

Dinocrat has a very passionate post today in regards to the murders of Pfc Tucker and Pfc Menchaca. May they rest in peace.
With Bush in Europe right now and the papers all saying that the Europeans are going to want to focus on Guantanamo, I think it’s important to remember that Geneva is there in order to keep people playing by the rules during combat. If you play by the rules, then we’ll play by the rules. Terrorism, torture, using women and children to hide behind are not allowed.
For more information on Zarqawi’s replacement see American Future linking to a terrorism consultant for ABC news Alexis Dubat.

One thought on “Geneva and this war

  1. So WHY in the world is our media insisting on creating another Zarqawi. I think it was Michael Yon who commented that it was the western media that made him bigger than life, he really wasn’t all that – – and would our media please refrain from creating another monster. But NOOOO….here we go again. Giving them everything they want, practically gift wrapped. I hope intelligence is hot on his trail and he is another “eliminated target” in a matter of days. Especially after torturing our men.

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