General Sanchez

Interesting, very interesting. This from Captain Ed’s interview with John McCain.

Sanchez ripped the administration for strategic blunders, which came as news to Senator McCain, who had spent years making the same criticisms of the Rumsfeld strategy. McCain claims that Sanchez never told Congress of his dissatisfaction with the situation.

Sanchez had plenty of options for letting Congress know how bad he thought things were going but he never used them. Did Rumsfeld intimidate him that much? If so, then he shouldn’t have been where he was at. Go read the snippet of the interview.

The impression he (Sanchez) gave was that his was a lone voice in high command, opposed to the strategy from the start. He made it sound as if no one listened to his input and that the administration and Congress simply ignored dissenting opinions from the field.

McCain begs to differ. Sanchez, McCain says, had several opportunities to inform Congress of any dissent he might have, but Sanchez simply didn’t offer any. Not only did Sanchez not voice dissent, he actively endorsed the policies and strategies employed before his retirement. McCain, who was looking for credible allies at the time, would have loved some corroboration for his own criticisms of the war strategy — and McCain was making headlines for offering those as far back as 2004.