Gas Pricing

Dick Morris oulines the differences between what Republicans think about gas prices and what regular people think. We blame the oil companies. And not because we think that they are necessarily gouging. We blame them because they are the reason we haven’t become energy independant since the last energy crisis.
I’m one who’s all for the price of gas to go up high enough that people find cheaper ways to energize things.
ie. Brazil seems to do fine on flex cars that run on either alcohol or gas or a mix of the two. Despite the actual price of oil right now and the expense involved don’t we yet think it’s important to be energy independant just to be energy independant?

(hat tip: Pat. Thanks)

UPDATE: The point being, between the two links above that 1- we KNOW that energy independance is within reach and 2- we blame big oil because 3-they have power and they control things like refineries and gas stations to leave us 3- with being able to buy a cool new flex car but not being able to fill it up conveniently while tons of people connected with govt are making a ton of money. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but energy is big business. People do get death threats. Govt does influence policy in regards to oil.