Fun with Osama

You have to love the picture of upside down Osama on Drudge. That must really rankle him. Varifrank fisks the whole speech. I tell you what that speech said to me – if everyone got on board for say 1 lousy month, and I mean everyone. The NYtimes, Michael Moore, Murtha and Pelosi, everyone – this war would be over. They do give comfort and encouragement to the enemy quite clearly. And just as clearly, that’s what he’s living on.

A taste:

Osama: The wise ones know that Bush has no plan to achieve his alleged victory in Iraq.

Varifrank: You mean the plan where he takes an Army of 150,000 men 400 miles across a desert and two rivers in hostile enemy country, captures intact a “Key Capital City of the Arab Muslim” world; which immediately causes Libya to give up its Nuclear programs out of fear of the same thing happening to them and also allows Lebanon to overthrow its Syrian overlords, then goes on to helps the Iraqis create a secular modern Democracy all without the help of the UN and then he manages to gets re-elected afterwards, all while having the fastest expanding American economy since 1945?

Yeah, that all happened by accident. Happenstance. Kismet. Karma even.

Saddam was on his way out anyway and would have gone fast if we had only left him alone. Democracy in the middle east was well under way until Bush came in and muddied the water with all this talk of “victory”. The Taliban?, poorly understood young men of society who are actually very similar to our own Jaycees. They only wanted what was best for Muslims. Their methods might have been poor, but they “meant well”. Feh…

One thought on “Fun with Osama

  1. Has it ever been more obvious what a ranting lunatic Osama is than in this latest ridiculousness? Oh,maybe he has been watching re-runs of Baghdad Bob..”the Americans are not here” as the tanks and black smoke billow in the background……..

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