From the Front

Ralph Peters brings us some insight from Baghdad.

As Democrats, Iraqi insurgents and terrorists all struggle to prevent an American win, it’s hard to get an accurate sense of Iraq nowadays.
When in doubt, ask a soldier.
My best source in Baghdad offered a soberly optimistic assessment at odds with the “Gotcha!” negativity in Washington. He doesn’t claim that success is guaranteed. But he believes in his head, heart and soul that we’ve got a fighting chance.
And I believe him.

But don’t you worry. Democrats are working to find yet another way to undermine the effort. The International Herald Tribune notes:

WASHINGTON: Democratic leaders in the House of Representatives are developing an anti-war proposal that would not cut off money for U.S. troops in Iraq but would require President George W. Bush to acknowledge problems with an overburdened military.


He would have to sign repeated waivers for units and report to Congress those units with equipment shortfalls and other problems.

Can you imagine? I doubt whatever Congress could pass concerning this would even be legal. What a bunch hooey.