Friday Morning

Went tromping through the snow this morning instead of being insightful. Here are some links for your perusal however.

Instapundit on left vs right inclusiveness.

Captain Ed on the UAE winning contracts for port management. (What on earth did they do to win these? There must be plenty of American companies willing to run ports.)

The California Conservative on the UN report concerning Guantanamo.
“Although the authors of the U.N. report declined to visit the military facility to gather information, they did base some of their conclusions on interviews with former detainees and attorneys.”

The Environmental Republican celebrates his third blogversary. As a gift, Jeff Goldstein waxes hilarious. (fyi, Scott – I like the name. I actually googled (spit) Environment and Republican and found your blog vs following links to get there.)

And finally, Misunderestimated Germans ask the question, “Are we contributing sufficiently to the war on terror.” They asked this a few days ago but no one, including myself has responded yet. Let them know what you think and I’ll work on that one too.

One thought on “Friday Morning

  1. I am completely baffled by the arabs running the ports. They are so objective and business like about everything else, say, like cartoons……….I think we are starting the only way we can think of to battle the terrorists, and it is pretty new territory for us – not living on the West Bank or in an area where we are used to suicide bombers at cafes or grocery stores….seems like we are very very slowly inventing the wheel and learning a lot- but I think it would be a huge help if the MSM wasn’t on the side of the terrorists, trying to get them therapy and understand WHY instead of fighting fire with fire.

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