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John Bolton in the Senate yesterday. I do like him. Just a taste.

The Security Council is also actively seized of the matter. We are working closely with other Members of the Council to ensure that appropriate, I stress appropriate, action is taken by the Council. It would be a disservice and only bring increased hardship to the peoples of Israel and Lebanon if the Security Council adopted stopgap measures, which would do nothing to address the root causes of the violence. It was with this in mind that the United States felt it necessary to veto a lopsided Resolution two weeks ago on this matter, the first time we had to do so in almost two years.

North Korea is talking about walking out on security talks at the ASEAN forum in Malasia unless the group agrees not to denounce them for their missile tests. And it won’t meet with the “group of six” to discuss their nuclear ambitions unless the US drops it’s financial sanctions.
In the meantime, 2 days ago China
froze North Korean accounts.

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  1. If China agrees on anything against NK, you have to pay attention…thanks for the fake 100s like we don’t have enough trouble within our borders!yikes.

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