No calf blogging today, but we’ll keep it lite anyway.

You thought that we had ridiculous lawsuits in this country right?
Well – we could be like Germany where this man (this 77 year old playboy man) is suing a 19 year old because she didn’t sleep with him.
Why?, why wouldn’t she? He had paid for drinks!

She said he was “too old”. Ageism!! Right there. Age discrimination is apparently illegal in Germany. At least in this man’s head this law pertains to more than just jobs or service from businesses. And yet get this quote:

“There are a few years separating us,” the almost-octogenarian admits. “And there are some women who are too old for me. But in that case you have to be more diplomatic and say, ‘Sorry, you’re not my type.'”

So it’s really not ageism he minds, it’s lack of diplomacy!

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  1. OMG that could set a very dangerous precedent…no more free drinks unless you ??? wow. Makes it a lot more involved of a decision!!

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