3 thoughts on “Freedom of Religion

  1. Don’t you see it also this way; it’s getting hard for Muslims to live because of those terrorist acts?

    Rationality is to respect religions and any other man believes. Not all Muslims are terrorists, not all Christians. But some Media sources are playing very negative role in this kind of hatred to any man believes.

    I would like it to see all people living in love and peace, because those are very vital values in life and because we live in this life only once. So, why don’t we live happy?!


  2. The way I see it is that people the world over believe what they believe no matter what the govt thinks. I don’t believe people are converting to Christianity by the goo gobs because of anything. I suspect they were already Christians but now they can be Christians openly.

    I’m not real clear what your comment means. I doubt a Muslim would convert because it’s hard to live because of terrorist acts. We believe the way we believe and outside influences are not the deciding factor. Of course most Muslims are not terrorists, just like back in the day most Christians were not crusaders. (though both would prefer that all those in other religion follow whichever path they think is right) We all believe we’re right, no matter the subject. And of course we’d all like love and peace. But there are people out there willing to kill everyone else who doesn’t believe what they believe. That’s crazy.

  3. And, I suppose if I had been threatened because of my religion I might be inclined to outwardly tell them I changed to survive. No one can change what is in your heart and your mind.
    Even early Americans were threatened if they weren’t Christian, and you had to pay the church like the mob to stay out of jail and alive (just heard this in a lecture in Virginia re: circa 1640 or so…..)

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