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This was a good column musing about freedom and how we/they relinquish it for other things deemed more important. No worries? Comfort? Vacation? Regarding Europe and what’s going on there:

It was all made possible by citizens surrendering their freedom. They gave away the angst, the worry, the drama, the agony, and the joy and pride of self-reliance. They gave it away to politicians and ideologues who promised, “We will take care of you. Worry about nothing. Relax. Take another week off.” Europeans allowed, first, their own governments to grow and absorb the nation’s wealth and assume control over their lives, then those governments created the Frankenstein’s monster known as the EU with its magic Euro and all-encompassing regulations and edicts that would lead all to an American-free Utopia.

The US of A still have a slim chance to not go down this road that is bound to lead to destruction. I believe that the Tea Party innards against such an exchange of freedom for safety is alive and well here, if and only if freedom remains in the forefront of thought. I believe that Memorial Day can remind us that freedom is so very important that other people die that the rest of us might keep it. But we have to fight for it lest it be slowly taken from our grip by one more chance to remain free of worry.

Worry, fret, plan ahead, stay free. Carry on.

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