Foreign Press Angles

So yesterday we dealt with the BBC and their discussion of key players leading up to the was in Iraq without a single mention of Oil for Food.

Today we have a different problem. It’s extra “news” added to a story vs the omission of news in a story.

Spiegel has a front page story on why “Sex Scandals are Good for American Democracy”.

Based on the title you might think the story would discuss Spitzer/Clinton/Kennedy. Then to be fair throw in Craig and Guiliani.

So they open with Craig, next it’s Guiliani in a sentence combined with Spitzer, then move on to John McCain!!!!

Say what?? Yes, they have two paragraphs devoted to John McCain’s supposed scandal from the NYTimes!

Don’t worry though, the ending mentions how due to the Clinton legacy the Dems can’t talk of family values, so it’s only the Republicans who are hypocrites because of Dick Cheney’s grandson!
Unbelievable – simply unbelievable.
I have no response, just needed to put it up here because my jaw is on the floor.

NPR’s bias is nothing in comparison.