Floods and Fracking (oil companies)

So around here after the floods, there was a LOT of horror about how these floods have now caused all the mysterious fracking fluids to run down our rivers, and infect our farm fields and livestock and there would be repercussions forever. Forget those people who have lost their property or their lives.
Forget the roads that have been torn to shreds. Forget the constant smell of mold or the closed towns while cleanup continues. Forget that still people can’t actually get to their homes 2 months post flood.

No, the important things was those damn oil companies and their evil tracking (which has caused us to actually get closer to Kyoto standards than the average 5.2% drop – the US did 12.1%)

Turns out, not such a big dang deal after all.

But something happened this time around. During flood recovery, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment sampled water from eight rivers and found “no evidence of pollutants from oil and gas spills in rivers and streams affected by flooding.”

Then why was the water stained brown in those aerial photos CNN and the Denver Post published? Matthew Allen of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said, “The total reported amount of oil spills is small compared to the solid waste.”

It was human feces, “20 million gallons, just so we’re clear, of raw sewage,” said Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper. In fact, the statewide 45,000 gallons of spilled oil would just wet the bottom of an Olympic-size swimming pool’s 660,000 gallons.

The Denver Post was outraged. Editorial page editor Vincent Carroll wrote, “the shameless use of Colorado’s floods to attack drilling,” a long piece ripping the unethical tactics of the fracktivists.

Part 2 coming out tomorrow.

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