The UN has the Iranian hostage taking on their list of news items.

29 March 2007 – The Security Council today called for an early resolution of the row over Iran’s detention of 15 British marines and sailors, voicing grave concern at the situation and calling for their release, while Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon discussed the issue with Iran’s Foreign Minister.

Isn’t that nice. They want an “early resolution” over this. And if not they may change their grave concern to “really grave concern”

In the meantime David B. Rivkin Jr. and Lee A. Casey who serve as members of the U.N. Sub-commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights wrote in the LATimes today that

Tehran broke international law again by abducting British soldiers; it’s time for the world to enforce the rules.

Essentially they break down all the rules the Iranians have broken lately and include the rules that they are currently breaking in this hostage taking even if the Brits were inside Iranian waters.

But here’s a question for Mr.’s Rivkin and Casey. Who enforces the UN’s rules? Does the UN? No, not really. They set up resolutions and they write things down like sanctions but then member states cheat on the sanctions or don’t bother backing the resolutions with anything. Who does that leave to do the enforcing? Oh – yeah….the US of A. And pray tell, why would the US of A do any further enforcing for the UN?

Oh, don’t worry – we’ll be there for the Brits. All that they want of us we’ll give. But for the UN……..I really hope not. Ever.