Feminist Bona fides

Mary C. Curtis is upset about feminists not defending Michelle Obama against basically everything.

An educated, successful lawyer, devoted wife and caring mother has been labeled “angry” and unpatriotic and snidely referred to as Barack Obama’s “baby mama.”

Democrats, Republicans, independents, everyone should be offended.

Here’s the thing about feminism. Being a feminist means believing that women are essentially as capable or as equal as men are. That means being aware that our words, our choices, our opinions are as worthy as a mans.

What that means in the big picture is that they are also as unworthy as a mans.

If a dude claims that having to pay back student loans that helped cover the cost of a Harvard education makes him “understand” what poverty is, I’d laugh. If it’s a woman, I’ll ridicule her too without worrying if her delicate disposition can handle it.

Michelle Obama is being demonized for things she allegedly said on tapes that are rumored to exist. She is a victim of sexism and racial stereotypes.

True, that rumor about the tape went around, just like the rumor about John McCain sleeping with the lobbyist went around. Things that are a bit believable are going to make the rounds. Even Obama’s campaign workers found the tape rumor believable enough to question her.

Michelle Obama along with her husband went to that incredibly racist church in Chicago. I can’t help but believe that the woman is probably a bit racist herself. It’s not a stereotype. It’s a function of where she has spent her time.

Does she have reasons to be racist? Sure, probably. I have no clue what it’s like to be a black woman. But that doesn’t make her any less so.

Just as the Rutgers women’s basketball team was miscast by Don Imus, Obama is being labeled something she clearly is not. Her achievements are being dismissed.

Michelle’s achievements have never been dismissed as far as I’ve seen. Everywhere she is described as a smart ambitious woman. Ms Curtis is referring to labels like unpatriotic and angry. I’ve also heard smart, ambitious, and racist, so lets take a look.

No need for me to defend smart and ambitious as a good feminist.

Unpatriotic…..well you have to admit that sometimes she sounds that way. As a politician’s wife, involved in the political process she’ll learn how to sound better over time, but yes, right now, she has sounded unpatriotic. Kind of a typical leftie thing vs a woman thing.

Angry…yeah, sometimes she sounds angry. Why does that need defending? Women can be angry too you know. Yeah, she’s angry over the “struggles” in this country. So people are going to call her on it. Again, why is this bad?

Racist…..nothing stands out particularly but I can’t defend her on this due to the church that she has chosen to raise her children in.

The baby mama comment. That was stupid. I’ll defend her on that one. Though I believe she’s the one who first used it. It’s still a dumb way to describe her. Sexist? I don’t think so. i think it was the news trying to be hip. News people are never hip. They should learn that.

So, there you have it Mary.

And this black woman is wondering: Where are Obama’s feminist defenders?

I’ll be one of her feminist defenders. Happy now?