Feminism has Changed

Back in my day, feminism meant “let’s be sure those boys/men know that we girls/women are capable people who deserve a modicum of respect and similar pay for the same work”.

And now?
Apparently now it means “women are incapable of taking care of themselves so it’s important that we not allow strangers (men only, not sure about transgender) talk with them”.

I kid you not.
Schiappa is France’s new gender equality minister. Again, I kid you not.
ht Maggie’s farm.

Schiappa’s first goal is to tackle sexual harassment on the street. “It’s a huge phenomenon in France. It’s that moment when a man is walking behind a woman, talking to her, and the woman can do nothing, because she’s alone. She doesn’t scream for help, because she thinks, ‘It’s not that bad, I’ll walk, I’ll escape.’ Men feel it’s acceptable: they’re being ‘the French lover’.” Women are molested on public transport so frequently, Schiappa says, that many will dress in ways to avoid it before they use the Métro or bus. It’s enough of a problem that the previous government launched an anti-harassment campaign called Stop: That’s Enough to encourage people to report any incidents. “In France, if a woman is sexually assaulted, her first thought is, ‘Now I’m dirty and no one will ever want to marry me’ – the social responsibility of the victim.”

Her solution is on-the-spot fines. Macron has pledged to expand the police force by 10,000 over the next five years: why not give them powers to police sexism in the same way they do smokers who drop their cigarettes? “Twenty euros would be a bit humiliating, €5,000 would be more of a deterrent. At the moment, many men are saying, ‘It’s not a big deal, we’re only having fun.’ And we say, ‘No.’” She says she’ll be nailing down a precise strategy with the justice secretary soon.

I don’t even know where to start here. What happened to feminists wanting to be taken seriously? The day the police need to protect me from a man saying “baby” on the street because I can’t deal with it myself and we’ve stopped working on changing the culture from making that acceptable is the day we all need to give up. Sharia is winning and people don’t even notice. This is the exact sort of thing you could expect in Saudi Arabia. You do realize that if women are covered and not allowed out without a male (relative) companion, all this harassment would stop right?

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